Doing Life Together

At New Life In Christ Church, we believe in finding new and creative ways to reach out to our community and help those in need. One way we accomplish this is by hosting special events throughout the year.

 Events like our Summer Block Party, Fall Festival, Stone Soup Sunday, Thanksgiving Turkey Giveaway, and New Years Eve Service. All of these are designed to provide a safe and friendly environment for families to enjoy, have fun, and learn about Christ.

Worship Wednesdays 

Wednesday night Bible study is at 6pm with a meal to follow at 7pm. This is a great time to practice what we preach and show each other a New Life in Christ through fellowship and service for our neighbors. Please come and join us with your family and friends!

Thursday Men's and Women's Bible Study

At 6pm  

Intercessory Prayer

We know the power of prayer works. If any are in need of biblical guidance or intercession through the Holy Spirit. Our Elders are here for you.